Android Special Part 2 – Tautulli, Plexamp, Plex Dash – Episode 26

9, Jul 2021 | Raspberry Pi 4 Series | 0 comments

In today’s episode we will be looking at how to control, monitor, and integrate our Raspberry Pi Plex server with Android. This is part 2 of our Android special and episode 26 in our Raspberry Pi series.



What Android Apps will we be using?.

We will first be looking at Tautulli which if you have been following our Raspberry Pi series you should have a docker container already installed (guide here) on your Raspberry Pi. Tautulli is free to use and Open source.

We will then move on to two Plex labs apps which are available only with a Plex pass. These are created by Plex themselves and integrate easily into your Plex account.

Plex Dash is much like Tautulli and monitors your server. It provides real-time information of users, content, active playback, network, device hardware usage, and much more. All in a unified dashboard with graphs.

We will then go on to show you Plexamp. Designed for music lovers it allows your Plex music collection to be synced and playable offline. This is an ideal app when combined with traveling. You can stream and download any music to any android device and play your content on the go.

To watch today’s episode please see our YouTube video below. Enjoy!.

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